steve? i was reminded today, of a road trip my son and i took a few years ago…. his favourite album on that trip was ‘A Secret Wish” by Propaganda. I was reminded too, that in reading the sleeve notes on that album, that you were involved?? You can be seen on youtube playing live with the band etc….. i was also reminded of the green Tama concert tom kit you used to play in those days!! ( what ever happened to that kit?) Do you have memories of that project or can you summerize that time??

I only worked with Propaganda on live projects (although with Claudia for her solo album). I think it might have been the first time I’d performed live in the UK with a band other than my own….(maybe?) Michael Mertens was the musical talent in the band and a very nice guy to spend time with. The other chap wasn’t even a musician and 95% of the music was on tape. Derek Forbes and I were the ‘live’ element. Their sound (the Trevor Horn school of production) was important to their success so no risks were taken. Anyway, it was techno-pop .. computers performed the music on the recordings so it’s of little significance if those computer recordings are used live (Kraftwerk broke that ground long before) as long as everyone was busy on stage … although in this case not everyone was busy. When vocals and the rhythm section are live there isn’t much else to distinguish as live if all else is on synths. It still makes me smile to remember when Mick (K) used to wind-up Richard (B) with the comment: “we play instruments, you play equipment”.

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