Hi Steve, as a drummer my favourite japan tracks are art of parties and vision of china. could you explain where the influence for those rhythms came from. Also i read that each drum part was laid down individually rather than as a “whole take” as a drummer from the 80’s i remember that studio approach although with hindsight i wish i had played it “live” do you?

I can’t explain where the influence came from but I wanted to design rhythms that didn’t use hi-hat or ride cymbals, without losing momentum. Those particular tracks were not recorded in part, they were played as whole takes and in those days you had to get through the entire track without any mistakes … unless there was an obvious drop-in point (such as the pauses in ‘Visions Of China’). Speaking of which, for the drum break in that song I overdubbed separate synth percussion parts on the Prophet 5 to augment the basic pattern and give the impression of multiple drummers. I did also overdub additional snares on those two tracks. The only drum track recorded piecemeal on that album was ‘Still Life In Mobile Homes’.

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