Hi Steve, another drum question. Were you involved in any electronic drum development and did you play Simmons. Also what are your views on electronic kits as they are now vs acoustic drums. I still have a Rhythm magazine interview with you and Richard B , think you were talking a lot about electronics then but this was back in the late 80s. Thanks.

I wasn’t involved in any electronic drum development and yes, I did have a Simmons kit which I toured the UK with in ’81. They were very limited sonically and had no memory function so every sound alteration had to be dialled in. The pad surface was made from riot shield plastic giving no buoyancy or shock absorption thereby transferring the impact back into the hand which caused joints to swell. One tour preceded by a few weeks rehearsals was more than enough. Electronic kits have come a long way and are quite comfortable to play. They have a practical use in many situations but I’ve more commonly incorporated sampler pads (triggers) into a live rig rather rather than electronic kits with generic sounds (sometimes a bit of both) but of course they can’t replace the real thing when it comes to expressive playing.

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