Given the success of “Lumen” on vinyl, which other album of yours do you think deserves a vinyl re-release? I’m hoping for “_ism”, because the artwork is superb, and there were a lot of other visuals produced at the time for the album’s website that could be used (which I saved by the way).

I think any album is worthy if there is a demand for vinyl. This decision rests with whoever owns the recording and the artists have no say in it (as we recently saw with Universal releasing ‘Tin Drum’ on vinyl). In the case of ‘_ism’ that is (was) Polydor, Japan therefore the decision to reissue isn’t ours.

We own the ‘Lumen’ live recording, but not the studio recordings, (apart from ‘Beginning To Melt’) and was therefore able to license it to Kscope for a vinyl release as well as the upcoming double CD release (c/w ‘Stone To Flesh’ also artist-owned), including a bonus track that Richard and I have recently recorded.

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