Hi Steve, I grew up in the same area as you in South East London. I feel privileged to have been born and raised here. Are you a proud Londoner?

My personal experience of South East London in the 70′s being a racist, homophobic war zone was pretty unpleasant so I was unable to nurture any sense of being privileged, however it did go a long way towards pushing me in the direction I went. I appreciate the diversity here, and how it never fails to provide an interesting set of challenges (not always good). I don’t yearn for peaceful countryside as city life is in my blood and London, with all it’s faults, can be an entertainment in itself, so it does deliver in that respect. Unfortunately, many parts of London have been neglected and are shamefully dilapidated which, considering the wealth this city generates, seems somewhat unjustifiable. The movers and shakers are busy generating wealth and not so keen to reinvest. If London competed better as an example of modernity with greater value for money, better public services and general living conditions, then I might start to feel privileged, otherwise it doesn’t do us any favours, we have to work hard to survive here and the privileges are few.

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