Hi Steve…I’ve been wondering about ‘Wasn’t I Joe?’ and why it has never been released? I have always assumed it came out of the 9H sessions and, to me at least, it is one of the strongest songs from this collaborative period between you and David. Is there a recorded version somewhere that may surface at some point? Thanks, as ever, Victoria

When planning to tour the Blemish album together David and I needed additional material in order for the show to be long enough. Since the type of material on the album was very different from anything else previously written we decided to co-write something in rehearsals specifically for this purpose. What we made was a backing track recording (’Wasn’t I Joe’) which we used for the performance and played additional parts live. The only official full recording that exists would be from the live performance we did in Tokyo, and that would be the version released by Wowow (a Japanese cable tv channel) which can be found on YouTube


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