Hello! Could you please tell us a bit more about the track Let Go? It’s quite moving… I understand it was written for a short film? Along with Resistentialism, they’re by far my fave tracks from ‘Sound For Film’. Thanks so much! – Daniela

Thank you Daniela, for choosing a couple of the tracks I was particularly pleased with. In answer to your question:

Let Go was written for the credit roll of a short experimental sc-fi film called ‘Dreams of a Petrified Head’ for which I adapted various pre-recorded pieces.

I believe it can be viewed here: https://vimeo.com/51029862

(The credit roll version is an earlier recording and was unfortunately rather crudely spliced – another version of the track appears in the film)

The title relates to the main protagonist’s fate in the film. I also felt this title worked well in contrast to the opening title of the ‘Slope’ triple cd: ’Grip’

Resistenltialism – I love this word. It represent a theory to describe seemingly spiteful behaviour manifested by inanimate objects. It suggests that a war is being fought between humans and objects, and all the little annoyances that objects cause throughout the day are battles between the two. In other words the idea that ‘things are against us’. (wiki)

The film that this music accompanied depicted the workings of an elevator cable system, (by Shoko Ise). Being someone with quite acute claustrophobia it means that I avoid using elevators whenever possible, but when I do venture in, I go through an intense degree of stress during the brief time it takes, and I perpetually feel that the workings of the elevator are conspiring to fail. So this is what the music represents. The coda section depicts the sense of serenity upon the doors finally opening.

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