Steve, how involved are you with photography now? Most of your published stuff is retro, but us Nosey Folks (and bloggers, lol) are also interested in anything you might be doing now :) Do you think digital has changed the way you see photography? Or how the rest of the world does–people can get good images now with an iPhone and Instagram, whereas 30 years ago results needed a different skillset (and a decent lab). Do you feel you have anything to add to an already image-saturated world? ;)

I do still very much enjoy photography but I don’t pretend to be ‘a photographer’. Photos I take now will look similar to many other peoples point & shoot images that fill the internet. My reason for exhibiting / selling / publishing retro photos is purely because of their historical interest / value. Images age well, so it’s like having a cellar full of fine wines. Those times are no longer to be seen, and because I was fortunate enough to be in a popular band of that time it perhaps adds to the insightful and/or voyeuristic aspect for the viewer. Anyway, I’m pleased I was snapping the old school way.

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