Over the years, you proved that you were more than capable in handling vocals. I wonder why you did not continue on your own albums. You might have selected the different singers who appeared on Slope according to the type of songs you had written but doesn’t it make the final work less of a solo album and doesn’t it dilute its ‘solo’ essence and cohesion when the work is voiced by other people than yourself, like a ‘various artists’ compilation? I wish you took on the role of singer more often.

What constitutes a ‘solo’ album? Some artists fill the studio with a whole plethora of hired help but I don’t go that route. I work alone methodically to create a recording. Guest vocalists I feel don’t distract from the core of what I want to do, in fact they make it more worthwhile for me. I don’t think I compromised on the talent on ‘Slope’, which is important. For me it’s an album of people doing what they do best, and yet the list of contributors is fairly minimal. I’ve worked on many solo artist’s recordings and they are often anything but.

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