Hi Steve. I may be over-thinking things here, but there appears to be a common theme running through some of your lyrics, from The Dolphin Brothers through to JBK, which focuses on the seemingly destructive impact of organised religion. I wonder if there was a specific motivation for this? Or have I read it completely wrong? (always a possibility!)

No you’re not wrong. If it weren’t bad enough that the ludicrous concept of ’gods’ still has to be tolerated, the very fact that organised religion is still able to wield influence over civilised societies is, to me, utterly disappointing. Governments of the civilised world ought to have by now started introducing alternative education programs to initiate the eradication of religion from society, and importantly, stop teaching children to adopt the concept of ‘gods’ as if it were part of a reality, which is borderline corruption. Blind faith was a state of mind much more pertinent to our ancestors, but we don’t need to be carrying that baggage anymore. I’ve always felt that the institutions of religion distract from the responsibilities people ought to take as individuals. Schools should be teaching about respect and love on a level playing field instead of attempting (and forever failing) to teach tolerance of one another’s faiths. I do have faith … that religion will eventually become a thing of the past, but it’s one heck of a gradual letting go.

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