Hi Steve, do you attend many gigs or watch much live music? if so what was the last one you attended.

I don’t feel compelled to see live music shows at all, I’m content with the recordings. I probably haven’t purchased tickets for a concert since I was in my teens, with subsequent outings being via invitation, however I tend to pass on those these days. I simply don’t have the attention span for it. By way of example, when Richard (Barbieri) played at Bush Hall, just down the road from where I live, he didn’t bother to invite me because he knew I wouldn’t go, that’s how bad I am. I’m more likely to see a play or stand-up (comedy) where I feel I can escape in a performance unrelated to music, and with much less of a cost to the old audio equipment … (concerts do wreck your hearing, as does playing live … not good).

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