Steve! How is everything, lately? Wondering if you’ve taken the time to check out this flick called ‘Whiplash’ (Miles Teller, JK Simmons). The main character has a string of practice and rehearsals on the skins resulting in some bloody hands. Ever run into a similar incident running down The Art of Parties?! Be well. -cn

‘Whiplash’ was entertaining in portraying drummers as though they were in some sort of army bootcamp. Plenty of focus on technique but very little on the emotive side of playing. Of being inspired or creative and deviating from the standard. Great technique is always a joy to behold but it’s not generally something that lives on in the psyche because it doesn’t reach beyond the appreciation of basic prowess. What is the purpose of playing something really, really fast? Where can it lead? I’d much rather hear it played ‘beautifully’ – but I don’t suppose they’d make a film about drumming beautifully (imagine trying to pitch that to the producers). But if you’re into appreciating drumming on an Olympian level, then it might grab you, and the rush of that type of approach is much more Hollywood’s bag.

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