Steve! Happy New Year. Thank you for posting the Gentlemen photos. That’s a very charming video you and company put together for “Stay Close” Can you tell me the overlying conditions that came together allowing you to pull such a heady, poppy, single off with Takahashi-san ?

I think that was simply the effect we had on each other. Japanese pop music is generally quite punchy and direct, and this was aimed to please therefore musically it’s pretty upbeat, however the vocals lines are in contrast to that and I guess that was our way of deviating from the regular pop song. At the time I never really imagined it being marketed outside of Japan. The video is very much based on Japanese themes and humour …. including the fun we had portraying the parody of old men dancing badly, which I’m not sure actually came across as anything other than the two of us dancing badly  … oh well …we probably would dance like that today.

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