Hey Steve, this is a rather simple question, but music has inspired me so much that I feel I cannot just listen to it, I really want to make my own music to inspire people the way that I’ve been inspired. My main interest music-wise is the 80’s because I feel that everything was new then, and I can’t stand most mainstream pop, so what advice would you maybe be able to give to an aspiring musician, on exactly how to get started in the industry?

There are many potential routes to take when launching a musical career but much depends on what you would want to achieve. Generally speaking you do have new and immediate ways to channel your creativity through the internet, and technology gives you the tools to produce music relatively cheaply. The question is whether you see yourself as a composer or a musician. If you truly aspire to be a musician then you have to physically play, and keep playing until you become good at it and then perhaps see how you feel about performing live. But if you mainly aspire to compose then there’s little holding you back as long as you have a computer and some basic understanding of how to construct music. The industry is all about opportunism since it’s extremely competitive and anyone can release their work on iTunes or via any digital aggregator (TuneCore for example) who will do all the distribution for you for a one-off fee. But regardless of all of the above, it comes down to you having ideas and being creative or nurturing a skill, or talent on an instrument. That is your starting point. Without that, the rest is unlikely to happen. Good luck.

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