Hello, Steve! Thank you very much for your kind answers. I have a question,maybe a strange one but. Several years ago I’ve started to see music isn’t only like a sort of entertainment,but also as a type of protection. I mean when you’re wearing your headphones you’re drowning in sounds,in your fantasies etc, and reality seems a little bit far away from you (in a positive way,of cause).Whether in your youth or in your present days you make music for creating your own world,your own convenience?

My personal experience is that creating music is a form of self-indulgence and escape in much the same way as you are describing, however by the time a piece is completed, due to the number of repeated listens, it has been somewhat exhausted. But aside from my personal involvement, I do feel the relationship with music on a deeper, less superficial level is beneficial to our well-being, whether your preference is for a more cerebral, insular experience with headphones, or to connect on a physical, visceral level on the dance floor. To have a relationship with music allows us to escape in a very individual, yet socially acceptable way. Art is subjective and music sits in there with the best of them, and one of the greatest purposes of art is to give us an alternative take on reality, (as your experience clearly demonstrates).

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