Dear Steve,I have really enjoyed your recent output and would like to ask you about your home studio. Do you spend much time there? what gear do you record with?without the pressures of a paid for studio how do you know that a track is ready as you could feasibly work on it forever! Finally do you consider the making of music a labour of love or work. thank you.

I would usually spend some hours of each day in the studio working on material. It depends what it is and whether there are time pressures. For example, working on other people’s material there is typically some sort of deadline or at least a sense of responsibility to focus and get the job done. With my own material I am more likely to live with things and see how much I feel they are worthy. Therein lies the problem, it has to be said, (and I didn’t fail to pick up on your subtle hint). As regards the last part of your question, I find that if I don’t pursue some level of creative output I begin to feel low in myself, it’s therefore fair to say that I feel compelled to work for my own well-being and state-of-mind.

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