Steve, really like the new track with Nicola Hitchcock.I also enjoyed the recent releases via burning shed and slope remixes etc.I notice that the tracks are keyboard or piano focused and drums rarely feature in any of your releases. I guess the piano is a percussion instrument!! my question would concern your approach and your relationship to piano and keyboards for your solo tracks. You do have an affinity with keyboards. thank you.

Playing drums is all well and good within a band but as a solo artist you need a bit more musicality and compositional skills. Actually I’ve never been purely a rhythmical musician. Initially I didn’t take to drumming right away, my beginnings were on guitar, then switching to keyboards and settling on drums, more as a means to an end since David and I were a ‘two-piece’ and percussion seemed more of a necessity at the time. Then it made sense to find a bass player and my role in that particular band was set. In the eighties after ‘JAPAN’ split I started to focus on composition, and therefore keyboards, a lot more. I’d been playing them on various recordings as well as live performances prior to that so I was no stranger to it. I had a Prophet 5, as most of us did, and bought an upright piano. I enjoy composition that doesn’t always rely upon a rhythm section. To be honest, I don’t think of myself as a drummer anymore, it’d be a bit limiting if I did.

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