Hello Steve, I’ve been a fan of Japan for a good few years now, and I must say your photos provide a unique, intimate, insider’s portrait of a band somewhat misunderstood by and elusive to mainstream media of the time. It’s nice to see you have a healthy nostalgia for those days, if you don’t mind my saying it’s quite a contrast to your brother’s view no doubt. Japan’s music and artistry is very close to my heart so I’d like to thank you for your amazing contribution to a band like no other.

Thank you very much indeed! I don’t feel particularly nostalgic of those times, I think for that you require a certain sentimentality. I simply like how photographs and film footage, as a form of recording, become more significant over time, but I can’t feel any particular fondness … possibly the opposite. I’m kinda thankful those times feel as remote as they do.

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