Steve, I’d like to ask you about all this retro stuff that’s going on. We have Simon Napier-Bell’s book on the history of pop, Anthony’s pending biography of Japan and of course the lyric-based biog of David and his work. Much of this obviously is backward looking, and is likely to be appealing to those of us who were madeup adolescents in the Japan years, so there is a complex sort of nostalgia and connecting with the past. How do you feel about all this?

It’s a sign everyone’s getting old? But seriously they sound like three very different projects to me. I’m not aware of the lyric-based biog of David and his work. If I wanted to read fiction, I wouldn’t opt for SNB’s books as he seemingly hopes they’re perceived as fact. And Anthony …well he’s written to me so much I feel I’ve already read his novel, but I can determine he’s a jolly good egg and has a nice way with words so I hope it’s a work well received. He hasn’t paid me to say this … yet.

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