Hi Steve. As always, thank you for sharing your amazing pictures. I wanted to ask, i,ve seen, i think, one, possibly two of your pictures from the Rain Tree Crow sessions , but ive always wondered, did you manage to take any more pictures from those sessions, and MOST importantly, did you manage to take any pictures of the four of you together ???

I did take a few rolls but they are seriously unremarkable. At Miraval in France where the work commenced with much enthusiasm we spent very long hours playing the heck out of anything that moved, (and things that didn’t) and when the day was finally done I was more likely to reach for a bottle than a camera, and simply enjoy a few hours chill time with Mick and Pat who would light up a few. Not much thought of taking photos …  not until the morning when the light was good, but since we all emerged at different times those are mostly photos of the resident dog. We spent a month like that and by the time we were well into our second month at Condulmer in Italy the novelty had worn off and the idea of taking pictures of band members would have felt akin to setting up a photo session with your cell mates.

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