On Slope, with the songs where you worked collaboratively with vocalists/songwriters, did you have an idea of the subject matter and titles for the songs you were composing or were the writers given free range to come up with whatever they felt most appropriate for the music? For eg, did you or Tim come up with ‘Sleepyard’ as a title? With your new material, are you working in a similar way, or using a completely new approach? Any chance you might be a “guest vocalist” on your new album?? :-)

With the type of vocalists I tend to work with I feel it’d be a waste not to allow free scope with lyrical content. Since I’ve written the music and played most of the instruments I’m really looking for someone else to inject their creativity into it, therefore I hope the music suggests something inspiring. In the case of ‘slope’ I think there were some pretty decent interpretations, only a couple of rejects in fact. If the vocalist hasn’t suggested a title then I’ll select one from the lyrics. In the case of ‘sleepyard’ I believe Mr. Elsenberg made the suggestion (not too sure). I’m working in a similar way with new material and I’ve not yet included myself in the line-up of lead vocalists.

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