Thank you for answering such random questions from everyone. I have another one myself if that’s ok. Last time I saw you perform live was the world is everything tour 2007. I have always wanted to ask you about your set up for that tour. Using an electronic kick instead of an acoustic one yet using acoustic drums & cymbals for the rest of the gear (apart from the spd-s) Why no bass drum live?Thanks.

The main reason was for flexibility. The material was quite varied and by incorporating a trigger it meant I could use the actual bass drum sounds from the original recordings in most cases. For example, when I wrote the music for the track ‘Snow Borne Sorrow’ (a piece I’d originally intended for my solo album) I used different bass drum sounds for the first and second parts of the track. Perhaps most people wouldn’t pay much attention to it but it’s these little details that I find interesting and wanted to bring to the live performance. And since bass drums don’t require much in the way of subtle nuance (unlike the rest of the kit) it means that bass drum samples work pretty well for live performance. It also meant that in certain songs without drums I was able to use the same pedal to trigger musical samples such as in the track ‘Transit’. 

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