Hi Steve, are there any plans to re-issue any JBK or Jansen/Barbieri material in the near future? There is a lot of discussion about this on-line, and many people feel they would rather buy music and know that the money was going into your pocket, rather than have to bid on 2nd hands CDs which are often sold at over-inflated prices – ‘Seed’ is currently being offered for sale at £80!!? Have you considered making them available as downloads via Burning Shed? Thanks, Victoria

There have been discussions about this on and off over recent times. Coincidentally I re-mastered the Milky Way live recording very recently, and we are in discussions about reissuing Jansen/Barbieri recordings generally (and potentially JBK too) if the right deal can be struck. Failing that, it sounds as though I should be hitting eBay with whatever I’ve got left!

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