Steve, thanks so much for responding on Brilliant Trees – I can’t believe your negatives were lost! Thanks also for posting the excellent image of Holger. Your video footage sounds intriguing. I guess for those of us who have loved the recordings that you have been involved in for many years, a glimpse of the environment from which the recorded output was borne is a fascinating insight indeed. David

There weren’t so many interior images from the studio recording sessions, mostly exteriors around the Berlin wall. Here’s another scan of Holger from the contact sheet. Movie footage is insightful, if only into how much sitting around listening goes on.

Hi Steve. Do you have any pictures of the Brilliant Trees sessions? I love that album and it would be great to have a picture on the wall as a constant reminder! Thanks for sharing on here. David

Hi David. I did take a few stills but unfortunately my negs were misplaced by the lab that I was using at the time and all that remains is a contact sheet. I’d subsequently scanned it for archive purposes but as you probably know each image is only a few centimetres in size. This image of Holger Czukay manipulating the dictaphone as heard on ‘Weathered Wall’ is a scan from a contact sheet. I actually filmed some of the recording and perhaps I will upload it someday.

Hi Steve, I have just downloaded a few tracks from the re-issue slope that were not on the original. Just wanted to say how good the remix of sow the salt is. I think I prefer it to the original,it’s that good. Superb track, well done. Regards – Ross. p.s where does the track Let Go originate from?

Thank you Ross. It’s good to know when a remix holds up on it’s own. ‘Let Go’ was written as the credit roll music to a short film entitled ‘Dreams From A Petrified Head’ – a cerebral sci-fi debut from Canadian director Dan Ouellette which thus far has only achieved limited release.