Hi Steve,I know you have always used mac pc,question is do you use an iPad at all and if so have you found any professional uses for it either visual or audio. Thanks Ross.

I’ve used a Mac since the mid eighties when the MacSE was released with a whopping 128k built-in and would only start-up from a floppy disc – yet it cost more than a MacBookPro does today which is even more shocking when you consider it’s old money. Unbelievably limited, and yet it worked fine for midi recording. Most people were wondering why I wasn’t going with the industry standard at the time (Atari) but I somehow felt there was something more special in the Mac build. I’ve wanted to find an excuse for an iPad purchase but have yet to do so. It’s a lovely machine though. I was tempted when I started playing 8Ball on my son’s iPad but that wasn’t enough to make me invest. I’m not a fan of touch screen typing … I do like to feel (and hear) those buttons … and to type ‘blind’, so the same goes for the iPhone, (which is why I’m still using a Blackberry). I think there are some great apps though, but none that I need.

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