hello Steve. I’ve always wanted to ask you about your drums/perc setup for Words with the Shaman as those are among the strangest and most evocative drum sounds and patterns I’ve heard. would you care to recount what materials you used for drums, hihat, sticks etc. as they sound nothing like a conventional kit? any particular memory from composing/recording that suite? I hope you appreciate asking this. thanks for everything so far and best for the future. Max

I remember it was an amalgamation of all kinds of percussion as well as a regular drum kit. It was recoded piecemeal which perhaps explains why the pattens sound less commonplace. The main rhythm pattern from part 1 and into part 2 was played with fingers on a large drum, extremely close mic’d. In part 2 the high end sounds are wire brushes on metal objects, (probably chinese cymbals stacked on the floor) and that’s a regular snare drum that has the snare (snap) off. Part 3 incorporates log drums and cymbals. I don’t have a particular memory from recording those tracks except that I spent a lot of time exploring ideas on my knees!

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